About Save the Rain

Save the Rain operates in East Africa, working with under-served communities in harsh and challenging environments. Here, women spend hours and days walking for water, and all too often, a girl’s education is sacrificed for this quest, too. Necessity forces them to make this journey, and it is devastatingly easy for predators to take advantage of this fact. The walk is dangerous, and so is the water, if they find any.

With unclean water, illness seeps into the home. In East Africa, naturally occurring fluoride in groundwater can be harmfully high, with devastating effects on children’s development. Poor health erodes resources, productivity, educational opportunities, and possibility.

Water is life, and we bring it home. Our domestic-use rainwater harvesting tanks are 3,500-liter rain catchment systems that can directly sustain a household of eight until the next rainy season. They are constructed entirely from local materials by teams of female builders. The tanks do not require electricity, pumping, or filtration. What’s more, they are built to last. With a lifespan of 200 years, each is made for multi-generational impact. And it only takes six days to construct.

Our programs bring about lasting change that manifests in a myriad of ways. Our sustainable ethics drive long-term solutions and create possibilities for gender equity, economic security, health, abundance, hope, and a brighter tomorrow.