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Save the Rain

Compact Kitenge Tote Bag- "Mystery Bundle of 3 Totes"

Compact Kitenge Tote Bag- "Mystery Bundle of 3 Totes"

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For this mystery bundle, Save the Rain picks 3 totes and patterns. Perfect for gift-giving. This mystery set can not be returned. 

Product Details:
Our Compact Kitenge Totes measure approx. 7″x 4″ compact, 16″x 19″ open, w/ a 16″ shoulder strap. These bags easily fold into their self-attached pouch or unfolds to a large tote for all your carrying needs. DESIGN WILL BE STAFF'S CHOICE!  We often get true one-of-a-kind designs tucked in with our orders or too little stock to photograph.  These unique designs are the same high quality as our featured Compact Totes, your pattern will just be a surprise! 

Handmade with Love in Tanzania
Who Handmade Your Product with Love?:
Our Compact Kitenge Tote collection comes from a small female-owned shop in Arusha, Tanzania.  Sophie the owner is a self-made woman with a 7th-grade education who beat all odds and has created a successful business and small seamstress school all on her own.  Her entrepreneurial spirit guided her through many hardships to sustain herself and help other women around her in need. She is now the proud owner of her own shop, and as it is in her nature to help those around her, she teaches girls from her community the seamstress skills she has learned to help ensure them a self-sufficient life as well. Sophie’s smile lights up the room and her hands and her heart are in every product she makes.  Her Team of girls are meticulously held to high standards, and when they have proven their skills, they are lovingly granted the position of making beautiful, handmade Save the Rain products with traditional African Kitenge Fabrics.
 Because of supporters like you, we are able to create relationships with villagers like Sophie, empowering women across the globe to pursue their dreams and share their gifts.  
Give 100%:
Our Retail Store has the unique ability to promise 100% of your purchase price (minus the taxes) will go directly to funding our Clean Water Projects in the rural villages of Tanzania.  You read that right, 100%.  We have a corporate sponsor who covers the cost of our purchases from the co-op so that your contribution provides the gift of clean water.  Learn More about our Clean Water Projects by visiting the Home Page of our website

 See how your contribution is making a difference Mission Video

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